One New Man Ministry is a community of Believers who gather together to love God, love one another, and share the joy and fullness of life that comes from being in intimate relationship with Yeshua Mesiah (Jesus), and the family He established in Himself.




Church Offices/Healing Center:

14410 SE Petrovitsky Road,

    Suite 209 

Renton, WA  98058



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B.E.S.T. Shabbat gatherings happen in the best place ever! Home! We gather each week in members' homes, sharing testimonies, encouragement, insightful teaching, and often breaking bread together as a community - a family - of God, loving one another, sharing our hearts, and encouraging one another in love. Join us!


Breakthrough - Breaking down walls and moving through them toward abundant life.
Equipping - Instruction, discipleship, and activations that equip Believers to achieve their destiny.
Spiritual - the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but spiritual; and therefore so powerful!
Training - Because mastery is born of experience (training) built over time.

B.E.S.T. Shabbat gatherings employ a dynamic, interactive new format that is more about impacting and empowering destiny than just being about building attendance. The Lord is leading us to discipleship over membership! 

Our heart's-cry is for His Fire and Glory to come and make us One New Man - burning out our agendas, our pride, our egos, our religion, our division - making us one in Him (John 17:21-23). Only His manifest presence can meet our every need and remove the veil that separates us. This isn't about building a church or a ministry. This is about experiencing Him and the abundant like He meant us to have!


All B.E.S.T. Shabbat gatherings are held on Saturday Mornings at 10:30 a.m. at various member's homes. For location address and directions, please call our office at 425.277.2775 during office hours, or call David Mitts at 425.306.2926. Thanks you!


Aug. 24...Sarah Herlan Home
Aug. 31...David & Lisa Mitts Home

Sept. 7...Donna Zorn Home
Sept. 14...David & Lisa Mitts Home

Sept. 21...Charles & Perry Harris Hm.
Sept. 28....Carmele Cummins Home

Oct. 5...Lyle & Nancy Home
Oct. 12...Donna Zorn Home
Oct. 19...David & Lisa Mitts Hm.
Oct. 26...Charles & Perry Harris Hm.

Nov. 2...Carmele Cummins Hm.
Nov. 9...David & Lisa Mitts Home
Nov. 16...David & Lisa Mitts Home
Nov. 23...Charles & Perry Harris Home

Nov. 30...Donna Zorn Home