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You Are Unique
About the One New Man Healing Center
You Have A Unique Treatment Plan
Successful treatment must honor and treat you as an individual with unique giftings and talents; as well as struggles and conflicts. Your symptoms are important in the context of who you are. When you come to our healing center, you will be treated at the causative factor level. Your treatments are both transformational and dynamic. David Mitts, M.Ac., EAMP will use the ancient, time-tested techniques of Classical Diagnosis, which includes pulse diagnosis. Once the cause has been determined, fine filaments are deftly inserted in a painless process that gently adjusts your energy flow back to balance and health! Welcome to a great adventure!
The One New Man Healing Center offers Classical Five Element Acupuncture; an ancient approach to healing that is grounded in a perspective of manifesting one's unique destiny. Symptoms of disease are expressions of imbalance that, when treated, help restore an individual to their unique path in life. Imbalances reveal the cry of the heart to become fully alive and treatments with Classical Acupuncture answer that cry. Through treatments, you transform your pain into peace and your suffering into joy! Call our office to schedule an appoint or to get more information! 425.277.2775.
You will always be honored for the uniqueness of your health process. Every patient at the Healing Center brings a unique health story. It is our commitment to assist you in experiencing optimal health. You should come expecting miracles! We are firm believers in holding a vision for lives that manifest the unique destiny that God created each of us for! Inside this vision are the keys to unlocking your health challenges. We do NOT treat labels or, if you will diagnosis... We treat individuals! No two individuals ever receive the same treatments - even if they seem to have the same symptoms.
David is the best acupuncturist I've ever met! He not only helps heal the issues at hand, but finds the underlying issues and heals those so that you can move forward completely balanced. Every time I've gone, I leave feeling relaxed and peaceful. He also takes the time to listen to what is going on in your life and genuinely cares for his patients, which that alone is hard to find. I started seeing him when I had no where else to turn because all other avenues I'd tried were not working. He met me with open arms and helped me see the light again. He is a God sent. :)                                                                  ~ Diana Mudwilder, Renton, WA

5 star! I honestly don't know what I would've done without this man. Taking that step and adding acupuncture to my regimen was by FAR the best thing I've ever done!! He is now seeing my oldest son and will be seeing my husband soon, as well. Thank you, Dr. Mitts!!!                                                                  ~ Stephanie Gardner

I had received acupuncture in the past and was looking to get treatments mainly for back pain issues. When I first walked into David's office I knew nothing about the 5 Elements and became increasingly fascinated with how many benefits you can gain from these treatments. This is truly a very holistic approach and has helped me with medical issues I never thought it could. David is a very mindful and knowledgeable provider who also treats each patient with lots of patience, makes you feel at ease, is able to explain the process and procedure so that anyone can understand what to expect. Looking back I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such outstanding provider from the beginning and have recommended David to my family and friends already.                                                                                                                                  ~ Anika M., Seattle, WA
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