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Destiny House Restoration Center is a planned transitional housing facility incorporating a holistic, measured-results, data driven treatment program entitled "H.E.A.R.T.S"™ (Healing, Education And Restoration Treatment for Survivors) for the healing and restoration of female victims of sex-trafficking ages 18 and over.
The Destiny House story began in November of 2011, when David Mitts watched a music video by Luke Dowler entitled, Our Silence is Shameful, which depicted the struggle of a young teenage girl being taken against her will into a house of sex-trafficking. The video deeply touched David's heart and inspired him to encourage his wife, Lisa, to produce a music video to a song she had recently written entitled, Where Has Love Gone? for the purpose of exposing the increasing and largely unknown epidemic of sex trafficking here in the U.S. Since it was released on May 31st 2012, the gripping and true-to-life music video, "Where Has Love Gone?" has been seen by thousands all over the world.

By the time the music video was finished, David and Lisa realized that an even more pressing need was to have a place of real healing and restoration for the women who desperately desired healing and a way out of 'the life.' Thus the vision for Destiny House was born....
The vision for Destiny House Restoration Center is to provide a safe, healthy and normal home environment, where survivors of sex-trafficking can rest, heal, recover, and develop life skills necessary for them to become empowered, self-sufficient, independent individuals, while inspiring others to replicate that model worldwide.
Dr. Stacy Cecchet is one of the leading experts in the U.S. and the only Ph.D. in sex-trafficking, having done her thesis in what is the 2nd largest crime and growing to number one. She also has appeared before Congress and has the support of both WA State Senators. Together, David, Lisa and Dr. Stacy are writing what will be a breakthrough, data-based, vetted holistic program with measurable results of healing, entitled "H.E.A.R.T.S" (Healing, Education And Restoration Treatment for Survivors) for women 18 and over who have been the victims of sex-trafficking. Dr. Cecchet was voted by the Board of Directors to be the Executive Director of Treatment for Destiny House Restoration Center.
Destiny House Restoration Center
Our Story Began ...
You Can Help
It takes time to do the necessary groundwork for this type of project. Right now, we need like-minded others to join us in this endeavor. As you might imagine, a project like  this takes resources and lots of provision. Because of that, we have been focusing our primary efforts right now on raising the seed funds necessary to build this incredible facility. To this end, Lisa Mitts has been hosting and performing at benefit concerts because, after all, the Lord began this journey with one music video. Music is the language of the heart and it is a way to reach people that may never hear about what we are doing any other way.

Destiny House Restoration Center is a 501C-3 non-profit organization and is tax-exempt 
according to section 170 of the IRS code. Destiny House is also qualified to receive 
tax-deductible donations, gifts, bequests or transfers.
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